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更新日 2009-06-29 | 作成日 2008-07-03


宋 雲涛 (Yuntao SONG, 現職:中国科学院プラズマ物理研究所・教授)

It is my treasure to have studied in JAEA for one year and several months. As my first impression, Japan is a remarkable country which has enchanting city views and beautiful cherry blossoms. In JAEA, all the colleagues and visitors were hardest workers and efficient, and had high passion for fusion research. They communicated each other open-heartedly and gave their hands to others in a friendly way. With their helps, I was involved in my job quickly and spent comfortable time. In the second stay starting from September 2004, I also had a rewarding and beneficial several months of collaboration with them in JAEA, which enriched my knowledge, enhanced my vision, and enabled me to do further research on fusion tokamak reactor. I convince that this is a world-class team of fusion reactor design with a lot of innovative ideas, which can lead the future development of fusion reactor study.
I would like to thank all the people in JAEA, sincerely looking forward to continuing collaboration and communication on future fusion research.


一瀬 麻衣 (Mai ICHINOSE, 現:京都大学大学院・M2)