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Registration (deadline : 31 January, 2018)

For registration and entrance permission at Naka Fusion Institute, please send the following information to : mhd2018@qst.go.jp(registration)

窶」 Name (Last, First, Middle)
窶」 Nationality
窶」 Affiliation
窶」 Job title or position
窶」 Gender
窶」 Date of birth
窶」 Email address
窶」 Visit date to Naka Institute (e.g. : 5-9 March)
窶」 Do you use the shuttle bus from hotel to Naka Institute?    Yes / No
窶」 Will you attend the meeting banquet (planned on 7 March) ? Yes / No
窶」 Presentation    Yes(US-Japan MHD-WS or ITPA) / No
   - Presentation title (tentative)