Fusion Plasma Research

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Introduction of JFT-2M
(High performance medium-sized tokamak device)

JFT-2M device

JFT-2M plasma
  • Researchers in the world participate the JFT-2M experiments. Domestically, cooperative experiments are going on widely with researchers of universities and national institutes.
  • Many pioneering experiments were performed in the nuclear fusion research.
    • Provision of physics data for the ITER design

    • Preliminary experiments for JT-60

  • The Emperor Showa visited the JFT-2 device, which was the previous device before remodelling.
  • The DC generator operating the device is largest in the world, which is registered in the Guinness Book of Records in 1997/1998. This DC generator was manufactured, miraculously undamaged in the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake.
  • Size of plasma
    JFT-2M JT-60
    Start of operation 1983 1985
    major radius 1.3 0m 3.3 m
    minor radius ~0.35 m ~1 m
    plasma current (max) 0.5 MA 6 MA

  • Role of JFT-2M