Fusion Plasma Research

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Study of Improved Confinement
Heavy Ion Beam Probe : Collaboration with NIFS
Measurement Principle
  • Injecting heavy ion beam (Tl+ : Max 500keV) into Tokamak
  • By measuring the ionized Tl2+ beam energy and its intensity,
    (1) Potential inside Plasma
    (2) Density Fluctuation

    are evaluated.
  • Highest time resolution is 1μsec
Electric Field, Fluctuation and Transport Barrier
Electric Field and Fluctuation is measured simultaneously
    (1) Causality between the formation of electric field and transport barrier
    (2) Study the relation among fluctuation, electric field and transport barrier

    (3) Try to measure current density profile from evaluating the toroidal bending angle of the secondary beam
(1) Potential Profile
Diagnostic System
  • Beam Source
  • Electric Field for beam transport
  • Energy Analyzer
(2) Density Fluctuation
Ionization is mainly depending on the density
The density fluctuation is evaluated from the fluctuation of the secondary beam intensity