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Visa Information

Designated participants who require a visa to enter Japan should submit the necessary application to the nearest diplomatic or consular representative of Japan as soon as possible.

If you are also planning to attend 26th Fusion Energy Conference (FEC2016, 17-22 October 2016, Kyoto, Japan) prior to this meeting, and the period of your stay in Japan does not exceed 15 days, the visa prepared for FEC2016 would suffice. Otherwise, you will need an invitation letter. For the special visa support for FEC2016, visit the host organization website (http://www.fec2016.jp/visaInformation.html).

If you need a letter of invitation, please fill in the two forms below and send both as attachments to itpa2016@qst.go.jp with a subject line "Visa" no later than July 29, 2016. (For some countries, it might take much time to obtain a visa. So it would be well-advised to apply for it in plenty of time.)
Based on that information, we will prepare the following documents necessary for visa application and send them to you by postal mail:

  • Letter of Reason for Invitation
  • Letter of Guarantee
  • Schedule of Stay

For more information about visas to Japan, please visit the corresponding web pages of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan and Procedures Chart for Short-Term Stay therein.

Invitation letter request form :
  Invitation letter request form (pdf)
  Invitation letter request form [ example ] (pdf)

Registration and hotel reservation form :
  Registration and hotel reservation form (pdf)
This form is intended to be handled electronically. After filling the form, JUST SAVE THE FILE IN THE FORMAT AS IS. Do not try to save in other formats, for example, by using export or file size reduce functions, or by converting to a bitmap. Even if the resultant form may look odd (e.g. fonts look too big, entered strings disappear out of view when not selected; the latter may occur when the form is filled with Acrobat but viewed with Preview for MacOSX.), just save the file in the ORIGINAL format and send that to us.