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The 23th Numerical EXperiment of Tokamak (NEXT) Workshop

DateFeb. 28th - Mar. 1st, 2018
Place Kyoto Research Park Bld#1, 4th floor AV Room (Oral session), Room A (Poster session)

[Theory and modeling]
Invited talk
Turbulent transport modeling with toroidal rotation
Y. Kosuga (Kyushu University)
Application of genetic algorithms to modeling of plasma physics
M. Honda (QST)
Drift-wave stability of burning reversed shear plasmas
T. S. Hahm (Seoul National University)
Overview of New supercomputer in Rokkasho
N. Miyato (QST)
System of New supercomputer in Rokkasho
M. Nakano (Cray Japan Inc.)
[Peripheral plasma and divertor]
Invited talk
3D transport modeling of peripheral plasmas and neutrals with EMC3/EIRINE
G. Kawamura (NIFS)
Ion particle transport in a diverted tokamak geometry in the presence of resonant magnetic perturbations
Y. Nishimura (National Cheng Kung University)
[Transport and gyrokinetics]
Invited talk
Turbulent transport in LHD
K. Tanaka (NIFS)
Global gyrokinetic simulation of linear micro-instability using parameters referring to HL-2A plasma with ion transport barrier
Z. Qin (Kyoto University)
Invited talk
Impact of microtearing modes on turbulent transport
S. Maeyama (Nagoya University)
Invited talk
Analysis of the trigger condition of edge localized mode with extended MHD models
N. Aiba (QST)
[Simulation method and benchmark]
Development of global electromagnetic gyrokinetic code
A. Ishizawa (Kyoto University)
Shaping Effects on Non-ideal ballooning Instability
H. Seto (QST)
Total 13

A list of participants
NIFSG. Kawamura
NIFSS. Satake
NIFSK. Tanaka
NIFSM. Nunami
NIFSM. Yokoyama
Japan Coast Guard AcademyT. Kanki
Kyusyu UniversityY. Kosuga
Kyoto UniversityH. Asai
Kyoto UniversityA. Ishizawa
Kyoto UniversityD. Urano
Kyoto UniversityK. Obrejan
Kyoto UniversityS. Kato
Kyoto UniversityY. Kishimoto
Kyoto UniversityR. Kodera
Kyoto UniversityT. Komikado
Kyoto UniversityY. Saito
Kyoto UniversityT. Shinogi
Kyoto UniversityR. Takao
Kyoto UniversityZ. Qin
Kyoto UniversityS. Nakayama
Kyoto UniversityA. Fukuyama
Kyoto UniversityS. Maeta
Kyoto UniversityR. Matoike
Kyoto UniversityY. Morishita
Kyoto UniversityY. Yamamoto
Cray Japan Inc.M. Nakano
RISTY. Kagei
National Cheng Kung UniversityY. Nishimura
The Graduate University for Advanced StudiesK. Fujita
Seoul National UniversityT. S. Hahm
Data Direct NetworksM. Ishida
Tokyo Institute of TechnologyAnggi Budi Kurniawan
Tokyo University of ScienceS. Satake
Tottori UniversityM. Furukawa
Tottori UniversityT. Watanabe
Nagoya UniversityK. Nishioka
Nagoya UniversityS. Maeyama
Nagoya UniversityT. Miura
University of HyogoM. Yagyu
QSTN. Aiba
QSTY. Ishii
QSTH. Seto
QSTE. Narita
QSTA. Bierwage
QSTM. Honda
QSTA. Matsuyama
QSTN. Miyato
QSTM. Yagi
Total 50