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The 22th Numerical EXperiment of Tokamak (NEXT) Workshop

DateMar. 9th - Mar. 10th, 2017
Place Kyoto TERRSA
East bldg. 3rd floor meeting room B/C (Oral), East bldg. 2nd floor seminar room 3 (Poster)

[Turbulence 1]
Invited session
Current Status and Challenges of Numerical Simulation of Combustion
R. Kurose (Kyoto Univ.)
Development of a global electromagnetic gyrokinetic code
A. Ishizawa (Kyoto Univ.)
Gyrokinetic simulations on in-out asymmetry of tokamak turbulence
T.S. Hahm (Seoul National Univ.)
[Space Physics and HPC]
Invited session
Challenge to solar-terrestrial environmental prediction
K. Kusano (Nagoya Univ.)
Discussion about future fusion research with super computer
Y. Ishii (QST)
[Nonlinear MHD]
Invited session
Current understanding of solar dynamo
H. Hotta (Chiba Univ.)
Invited session
Non-linear MHD modelling of pellet triggered ELMs in fusion plasmas and implications for ITER
S. Futatani (Barcelona Supercomputing Center)
[MHD and Hybrid]
Two-fluid tearing mode in cylindrical geometry
A. Ito (NIFS)
Energetic particle - MHD hybrid simulations for fusion plasmas
A. Bierwage (QST)
[Turbulence 2]
Invited session
Internal transport barrier formation in flux-driven gyrokinetic turbulence
K. Imadera (Kyoto Univ.)
Young session
Effects of plasma shaping on ITG/TEM instability in full-f gyrokinetic simulations
K. Obrejan (Kyoto Univ.)
[Heating and current drive]
Young session
Study of electrostatic potential generated by neutral beam injection to a tokamak
H. Yamaguchi (NIFS)
Young session
Heat and particle transport modeling of LHD plasma by integrated transport simulation
S. Maeta (Kyoto Univ.)
Total 13

A list of participants
NIFSShinsuke Satake
NIFSKatuji Ichiguchi
NIFSAtsuhi Ito
NIFSHiroyuki Yamaguchi
Kyoto UniversityRyoichi Kurose
Kyoto UniversityAtsushi Fukuyama
Kyoto UniversityYasuaki Kishimoto
Kyoto UniversityAkihiko Ishizawa
Kyoto UniversitySadayoshi Murakami
Kyoto University / Chalmers University of TechnologyJohan Anderson
Kyoto UniversityKenji Imadera
Kyoto UniversityYasuhiro Yamamoto
Kyoto UniversityShogo Maeta
Kyoto UniversityYasuyuki Saito
Kyoto UniversityHayate Nakayama
Kyoto UniversityKevin Obrejan
Kyoto UniversityRentaro Yoshida
Kyoto UniversityChing-Chieh Chang
Kyoto UniversityHayama Asai
Kyoto UniversityTaiga Shinogi
Nagoya UniversityKanya Kusano
Nagoya UniversityTomo-Hiko Watanabe
Tottori UniversityMasaru Furukawa
Tottori UniversityYushiro Okawa
Chiba UniversityHideyuki Hotta
Tohoku UniversityMakoto Hirota
Japan Coast Guard AcademyTakashi Kanki
Barcelona Supercomputing CenterShimpei Futatani
Seoul National UniversityTaik Soo Hahm
QSTYasutomo Ishii
QSTMasatoshi Yagi
QSTHaruki Seto
QSTNaoaki Miyato
QSTTakahisa Ozeki
QSTAkinobu Matsuyama
QSTNobuhiko Hayashi
QSTKazuhiro Miki
QSTKazuo Hoshino
QSTAndreas Bierwage
Total 39