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The 21th Numerical EXperiment of Tokamak (NEXT) Workshop

DateMar. 10th - Mar. 11th, 2016
Place Kyoto TERRSA
East blng. 3rd floor Middle meeting room (Oral), East blng. 2nd floor 3rd Seminor room (Poster)

[Projects of super computing]
Invited session
Great Opportunities and Great Challenges in Advanced Computing (pdf,5.1MB)
K. Hirao (RIKEN)
Invited session
Impact of a supercomputer on fusion simulations
[Computation techniques]
Gyro-kinetic simulation techniques with moment closure (pdf,1.8MB)
T. Watanabe (Nagoya Univ.)
Acceleration of particle simulation code with Xeon Phi, GPU, SPARK64 XIfx (pdf,3.3MB)
H. Naito (Yamaguchi Univ.)
[Space Physics]
Invited session
Threat of the Sun and super flare (pdf,2.7MB)
K. Shibata (Kyoto Univ.)
Invited session
International Radio-Telescope Project "ALMA" and Its Scientific Results (pdf,6.9MB)
K. Tatematsu (NAO)
[Energetic particle driven mode]
Fast ion profile stiffness due to the resonance overlap of multiple Alfven eigenmodes (pdf,4.5MB)
Y. Todo (NIFS)
Simulations of Energetic Particle Driven Geodesic Acoustic Mode in 3-dimensional LHD Equilibrium (pdf,5.3MB)
H. Wang (NIFS)
[Plasma turbulence]
Gyrokinetic analysis of turbulent transport in helical systems with different magnetic shear (pdf,3.4MB)
A. Ishizawa (Kyoto Univ.)
Recent progress of toroidal full-f gyrokinetic simulation based on GKNET (pdf,1.6MB)
K. Imadera (Kyoto Univ.)
Inertial effects caused by toroidal rotation on heat transport in JT-60U plasmas (pdf,1.7MB)
E. Narita (JAEA)
[Transport model]
Nonlocal Plasma Response to Edge Cooling in Tokamak Plasmas (pdf,20.2MB)
M. Yagi (JAEA)
Total 12

Poster Session
Relation between poloidal ion flow and magnetism of toroidal field in multi-pulsing CHI driven ST (pdf,3.7MB)
T. Kanki (JCGA)
Effects of plasma rotation on interchange modes in LHD (pdf,4.7MB)
K. Ichiguhi (NIFS)
Code Development for evaluating ICRF heating efficiency based on hot plasma model in three dimensional configuration.
R. Seki (NIFS)
Two-fluid and FLR effects on MHD instabilities in finite beta plasmas (pdf,729KB)
A. Ito (NIFS)
Neoclassical transport and flow analysis in Heliotron J plasmas (pdf,1.2MB)
K. Nishioka (Kyoto U.)
Characteristics of flux-driven gyrokinetic ITG turbulence and E唯 shear flow formation
W. Wei (Kyoto U.)
The effect of magnetic shaping on zonal flow and geodesic acoustic mode in a toroidal global gyrokinetic simulation (pdf,409KB)
O. Kevin (Kyoto U.)
Formation and dynamic property of magnetic field structure in heavy ion plasmas generated by ultra-intense lasers.
D. Kawahito (Kyoto U.)
Introduction of kinetic electron to global gyrokinetic Vlasov code GKNET
R. Yoshida (Kyoto U.)
Linear analysis of toroidal ITG instability in the presence of ITB-like localized steep temperature profile
S. Maeda (Kyoto U.)
Fokker-Planck simulation for runaway electron generation including the hot-tail effect (pdf,854KB)
H. Nuga (Kyoto U.)
Simulation study of electrostatic potentials produced by fast-ion population in toroidal plasmas (pdf,5.2MB)
H. Yamaguchi (Kyoto U.)
Simulation Study of Triton Burn-up in the Deuterium Experiment Plasma on LHD (pdf,3.1MB)
M. Homma (Kyoto U.)
PIC simulation of Electron Cyclotron Heating (pdf,1.4MB)
T. Ikeda (Kyoto U.)
Linear Stability Analysis of Alfven Eigenmodes with Non-Maxwellian Distribution
T. Futakuchi (Kyoto U.)
Kinetic Transport Simulation Burning Plasma Start-Up in ITER Plasmas
K. Nagai (Kyoto U.)
Integrated heat transport simulation of the helium-hydrogen plasma of LHD
S. Maeda (Kyoto U.)
icrf heating simulation for LHD plasma
T. Komikado (Kyoto U.)
Simulation study of radial transport of high energy electron in LHD (pdf,5.7MB)
Y. Yamamoto (Kyoto U.)
ICRF heating in tokamak devices
H. Nakayama (Kyoto U.)
Effects of Trapped Energetic Ions on the Interchange Mode (pdf,3.0MB)
S. Nishimura (Kobe City Coll. Tech.)
High-accuracy numerical integrator for general dynamical systems using vector-field decomposition and reccurence formula (pdf,2.9MB)
M. Furukawa (Tottori U.)
Numerical integration of chaotic magnetic field trajectory (pdf,998KB)
Y. Ohkawa (Tottori U.)
An electromagnetic extension of the reduced kinetic model for flowing plasmas
N. Miyato (JAEA)
Development of the fluid-type transport code on the flux coordinates in tokamaks (pdf,5.9MB)
M. Honda (JAEA)
Impact of ion diamagnetic drift effect on MHD stability at edge pedestal in rotating tokamaks (pdf,1.8MB)
N. Aiba (JAEA)
Electromagnetic Gyrokinetic simulations on turbulence transport of JT-60
K. Miki (JAEA)
Simulation Study on L/H Transition by Source-driven Turbulence Model (pdf,3.5MB)
H. Seto (JAEA)
Total 28

A list of participants
RIKENKimihiko Hirao
NAOJKen Tatematsu
NIFSYasushi Todo
NIFSHao Wang
NIFSKatsuji Ichiguchi
NIFSRyosuke Seki
NIFSAtsushi Ito
Kyoto UniversityKazunari Shibata
Kyoto UniversityAkihiro Ishizawa
Kyoto UniversityKenji Imadera
Kyoto UniversityKenji Nishioka
Kyoto UniversityWang Wei
Kyoto UniversityKevin Obrejan
Kyoto UniversityDaiki Kawahito
Kyoto UniversityRentaro Yoshida
Kyoto UniversityShingo Maeda
Kyoto UniversityHideo Nuga
Kyoto UniversityHiroyuki Yamaguchi
Kyoto UniversityMasayuki Homma
Kyoto UniversityTomohide Ikeda
Kyoto UniversityTaisei Futakuchi
Kyoto UniversityKazuki Nagai
Kyoto UniversityShogo Maeda
Kyoto UniversityTao Komikado
Kyoto UniversityYasuhiro Yamamoto
Kyoto UniversityHayate Nakayama
Tottori UniversityMasaru Furukawa
Tottori UniversityYushiro Ohkawa
Japan Coast Guard AcademyTakashi Kanki
Nagoya UniversityTomohiko Watanabe
Yamaguchi UniversityHiroshi Naito
Kobe City College TechnologySeiya Nishimura
JAEAMasatoshi Yagi
JAEANaoaki Miyato
JAEAMitsuru Honda
JAEANobuyuki Aiba
JAEAKazuhiro Miki
JAEAHaruki Seto
JAEAEmi Narita