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The 20th Numerical EXperiment of Tokamak (NEXT) Workshop

DateJan. 13th - Jan. 14th, 2015
Place Kyoto TERRSA
Conference Room D, 3rd Floor of East Building (Oral session)
Conference Room No.2, 3rd Floor of West Building (Poster session)

[NEXT project]
Multi timescale simulation of energetic particle driven mode in JT-60U (pdf,3.5MB)
A. Bierwage (JAEA)
Development of MPMD System in Integrated Divertor Code [in Japanese] (pdf,3.0MB)
K. Shimizu (JAEA)
Simulation study of disruption and runaway electrons (pdf,1.8MB)
A. Matsuyama (JAEA)
[Turbulence simulation]
Progress of turbulent transport studies on toroidal plasmas via gyrokinetic simulation with GKV (pdf,7.6MB)
T. Watanabe (Nagoya University)
Discussion on NEXT project
M. Yagi (JAEA)
Development of a robust numerical scheme for compressional MHD (pdf,1.3MB)
T. Miyoshi (Hiroshima University)
Three-dimensional numerical analysis of interchange mode in the Large Helical Device with ion diamagnetic effects and dissipation (pdf,5.5MB)
T. Nicolas (NIFS)
Simulation Study of A New Kind of Energetic Particle Driven Geodesic Acoustic Mode in LHD (pdf,1.9MB)
H. Wang (NIFS)
[Particle simulation]
Acceleration of PIC code with Intel MIC/GPU (pdf,1.3MB)
H. Naitou (Yamaguchi University)
Kinetic Modeling of Classical and Neo-Classical Transport for High-Z impurities in Fusion SOL/Divertor Plasmas using Binary Collision Method (pdf,1.3MB)
Y. Homma (Keio University)
[Turbulence / Transport I]
Origin of nonlocality of plasma turbulence and dynamical profile constraint
Y. Kishimoto (Kyoto University)
Relaxation to neoclassical flow equilibrium in gyrokinetic theory and gyrofluid computation (pdf,918KB)
B. D. Scott (IPP)
Collisionality dependence of neoclassical toroidal viscosity in superbanana-plateau regime by full-f gyrokinetic simulations (pdf,1.1MB)
S. Matsuoka (RIST)
[Turbulence / Transport II]
On the treatment of polarization drift in electromagnetic nonlinear gyrokinetic equations (pdf,1.5MB)
T. S. Hahm (Seoul National University)
Electromagnetic gyrokinetic simulation of turbulent transport in high ion temperature discharge of Large Helical Device
A. Ishizawa (NIFS)
Extension of Integrated Transport Analysis Suite, TASK3D-a (pdf,2.3MB)
M. Yokoyama (NIFS)
Total 12

Poster Session
Numerical MHD Stability Analysis of LHD Plasma with RMP (pdf,2.2MB)
K. Ichiguchi (NIFS)
Neoclassical toroidal viscosity from toroidal ripples in JT-60U and ITER (pdf,1.4MB)
S. Satake (NIFS)
Effects of collisions on conservation laws in gyrokinetic field theory
H. Sugama (NIFS)
Effect of parallel heat flux in gyroviscosity on tearing instability in two-fluid MHD (pdf,365KB)
A. Ito (NIFS)
Effects of current profile on current decay time in tokamak disruption [in Japanese] (pdf,1.1MB)
K. Watanabe (NIFS)
Effect of neoclassical poloidal viscosity and resonant magnetic perturbation on the response of the m/n=1/1 magnetic island in LHD (pdf,594MB)
B. Huang (The Graduate University for Advanced Studies)
History of PARASOL (pdf,2.0MB)
T. Takizuka (Osaka University)
Modeling of EBW CD in spherical tokamaks (pdf,646MB)
A. Fukuyama (Kyoto University)
Integrated heat and particle transport simulation of NBI Plasmas in LHD
A. Sakai (Kyoto University)
Simulation Study of Energetic Triton Confinement in the D-D Experiment on LHD (pdf,7.3MB)
M. Homma (Kyoto University)
Particle transport simulation in tokamak plasma by TASK/TX
R. Kanamori (Kyoto University)
Integrated heat transport simulation of multi-ion species high-Ti plasma of LHD
H. Yamaguchi (Kyoto University)
Gyrokinetic simulation on the effect of magnetic island on the ITG instability in tokamak plasmas
L. Jiguan (Kyoto University)
Non-local structure and transport in toroidal flux-driven ITG turbulence (pdf,2.3MB)
K. Imadera (Kyoto University)
Development of a global gyrokinetic Vlasov code with new real space field solver
K. Obrejan (Kyoto University)
Nonlinear mutual destabilization of tearing mode and ion temperature gradient mode
Z. Hu (Dalian University of Technology/Kyoto University)
Two-fluid equilibrium transition of ST due to multi-pulsing CHI (pdf,3.7MB)
T. Kanki (Japan Coast Guard Academy)
Accuracy analysis of numerical integration of charged particle motion based on recurrence
M. Furukawa (Tottori University)
A Spike Algorithm for Solving Block Tridiagonal Matrix Equations on Multicore Machines (pdf,553KB)
S. Tokuda (RIST)
Progress on the remote experiment center (pdf,1.6MB)
T. Ozeki (JAEA)
Fokker-Planck Simulation of Runaway Electron Generation in Tokamak Disruptions (pdf,1.7MB)
H. Nuga (JAEA)
Validation studies on local gyrokinetic simulations of tokamak ITG-TEM driven turbulent transport (pdf,4.8MB)
M. Nakata (JAEA)
MHD Instability Excited by Interplay between Resistive Wall Mode and Stable MHD Modes in Rotating Tokamak Plasmas (pdf,1.0MB)
N. Aiba (JAEA)
Development of L-H transition simulation framework with BOUT++ code (pdf,1.5MB)
H. Seto (JAEA)
Particle flux representations with FLR effects in the gyrokinetic model (pdf,1.3MB)
N. Miyato (JAEA)
Total 25

A list of participants
Kyoto UniversityYasuaki Kishimoto
Kyoto UniversityAtsushi Fukuyama
Kyoto UniversityAkira Sakai
Kyoto UniversityMasayuki Homma
Kyoto UniversityRyosuke Kanamori
Kyoto UniversityHiroyuki Yamaguchi
Kyoto UniversityJiquan Li
Kyoto UniversityKenji Imadera
Kyoto UniversityKevin Obrejan
Dalian University of Technology/Kyoto UniversityZhaoqing Hu
Nagoya UniversityTomohiko Watanabe
Hiroshima UniversityTakahiro Miyoshi
Yamaguchi UniversityHiroshi Naitou
Keio UniversityYuki Homma
Tottori UniversityMasaru Furukawa
Seoul National UniversityT. S. Hahm
Osaka UniversityTomonori Takizuka
Japan Coast Guard AcademyTakashi Kanki
Max Planck Institute for Plasma PhysicsB. D. Scott
NIFST. Nicolas
NIFSHao Wang
NIFSAkihiro Ishizawa
NIFSMasayuki Yokoyama
NIFSKatsuji Ichiguchi
NIFSShinsuke Satake
NIFSHideo Sugama
NIFSAtsushi Ito
NIFSKiyomasa Watanabe
RISTSeikichi Matsuoka
RISTShinji Tokuda
The Graduate University for Advanced StudiesB. Huang
JAEAAndreas Bierwage
JAEAKatsuhiro Shimizu
JAEAAkinobu Matsuyama
JAEAMasatoshi Yagi
JAEATakahisa Ozeki
JAEAHideo Nuga
JAEAMotoki Nakata
JAEANobuyuki Aiba
JAEAHaruki Seto
JAEANaoaki Miyato