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The 19th Numerical EXperiment of Tokamak (NEXT) Workshop

DateAug. 29th - Aug. 30th, 2013
Place Kyoto University, Katsura Campus, ROHM Plaza
Seminar room (Oral session), the first floor
Lounge for Research Exchange (Poster session), the third floor

Invited talk [Overview]
Overview of theory and simulation research on energetic particle driven modes (pdf,1.2MB)
C. Z. Cheng (National Cheng Kung University)
Invited talk [Overview]
Overview of Experimental Research on Energetic-Particle-Driven Modes in 2D and 3D Plasmas (pdf,7.3MB)
K. Toi (NIFS)
Invited talk
Linear analysis on energetic particle driven low-frequency eigenmodes (pdf,2.7MB)
A. Fukuyama (Kyoto University)
Invited talk
Thermodynamic properties plasmas in magnetic reconnection (pdf,1.6MB)
R. Numata (University of Hyogo)
Invited talk
Variational approach to spectral stability of flowing plasmas (pdf,1.4MB)
M. Hirota (Tohoku University)
Simulation study of Alfven eigenmodes in ITER and DIII-D (pdf,3.3MB)
Y. Todo (NIFS)
Simulation study on the linear properties and nonlinear frequency chirping of EGAM in LHD (pdf,6.5MB)
H. Wang (NIFS)
Simulation of Energetic-Ion-Driven Modes in JT-60U plasmas subject to Abrupt Large Events
A. Bierwage (JAEA)
Vlasov simulation of Langmuir solitons and high energy electron tail formation (pdf,948KB)
Y. Nishimura (National Cheng Kung University)
Physics of stimulated L-H transition (pdf,4.4MB)
K. Miki (JAEA)
Two-dimensional transport modeling in tokamak plasmas (pdf,421KB)
H. Seto (Kyoto University)
Local gyrokinetic turbulence simulations with realistic tokamak geometries towards ITER and JT-60SA (pdf,9.7MB)
M. Nakata (JAEA)
Total 12

Poster Session
Heat transport simulation of multi-ion-species LHD plasma by TASK3D
A. Sakai (Kyoto University)
Development of momentum conserving and nonlinear collision operator for GNET code
S. Murakami (Kyoto University)
Integrated Transport Simulation of Time-development LHD Plasma Using GNET-TD and TASK3D (pdf,9.8MB)
H. Yamaguchi (Kyoto University)
Bohm criterion for two-ion-species plasmas in a wide range of mass ratio and collisionality
S. Azuma (Kyoto University)
Particle Transport Modeling of Tokamak Plasma by 1D Dynamic Transport Code TASK/TX
R. Kanamori (Kyoto University)
Beta limit of MHD equilibrium with pressure anisotropy in magnetospheric configuration (pdf,1.3MB)
M. Furukawa (Tottori University)
Simulation studies of core heat transport in JT-60U plasmas with different toroidal rotation profiles (pdf,1.1MB)
E. Narita (Osaka University)
Status of IFERC-CSC
Y. Ishii (JAEA)
Impact of Centrifugal Modification of Magnetohydrodynamic Equilibrium on Resistive Wall Mode Stability (pdf,821KB)
J. Shiraishi (JAEA)
Simulation Study on Transient Plasma Response for Peripheral Density Source (pdf,1.9MB)
M. Yagi (JAEA)
Development of Monte-Carlo Scheme for Runaway Electron Generation and Confinement Code (pdf,1.1MB)
A. Matsuyama (JAEA)
Destabilization of resistive wall mode by toroidal rotation in reversed shear tokamaks (pdf,1.1MB)
N. Aiba (JAEA)
Gyrokinetic simulation of kinetic ballooning mode driven turbulence
S. Maeyama (JAEA)
Developement of a plasma turbulence code by C++ (pdf,266KB)
N. Miyato (JAEA)
Properties of two-fluid ST equilibria observed in HIST double-pulsing CHI experiments (pdf,5.2MB)
T. Kanki (Japan Coast Guard Academy)
Alpha particle transport in the presence of drift-wave turbulence (pdf,10.8MB)
B. Huang (National Cheng Kung University)
Three-dimensional MHD Analysis of Pressure Driven Modes in RMP-Imposed LHD Plasmas with RMPs (pdf,517KB)
K. Ichiguchi (NIFS)
Neoclassical toroidal viscosity from toroidal ripples in JT60-SA (pdf,1.2KB)
S. Satake (NIFS)
Multiscale modeling of transport processes in helical systems with E x B flows
H. Sugama (NIFS)
Nonlinear MHD simulation of high beta LHD plasmas
M. Sato (NIFS)
Equilibrium and stability of toroidal plasmas with flow in high-beta reduced MHD (pdf,3.7MB)
A. Ito (NIFS)
Progress of TASK3D - a development and applications
M. Yokoyama (NIFS)
Symplectic Integration by Discrete Hamilton Principle
S. Tokuda (RIST)
Experimental analysis and predictive simulation of heat transport using TASK3D code (pdf,3.6MB)
A. Wakasa (RIST)
Hall and gyro-viscous effects to the growth of the Rayleigh-Taylor instability (pdf,955KB)
R. Goto (The Graduate University for Advanced Studies)
Two-fluid/FLR Effects on Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability (pdf,958KB)
T. Hatori (The Graduate University for Advanced Studies)
Total 26

A list of participants
Kyoto UniversityAtsushi Fukuyama
Kyoto UniversitySadayoshi Murakami
Kyoto UniversityAkira Sakai
Kyoto UniversityHiroyuki Yamaguchi
Kyoto UniversityMasayuki Homma
Kyoto UniversityHaruki Seto
Kyoto UniversityShuhei Azuma
Kyoto UniversityRyosuke Kanamori
Tottori UniversityMasaru Furukawa
Osaka UniversityEmi Narita
University of HyogoRyusuke Numata
Tohoku UniversityMakoto Hirota
Japan Coast Guard AcademyTakashi Kanki
National Cheng Kung UniversityYasutaro Nishimura
National Cheng Kung UniversityB. Huang
National Cheng Kung University/University of TokyoChio Z. Cheng
NIFSKazuo Toi
NIFSHideo Sugama
NIFSKatuji Ichiguchi
NIFSYasushi Todo
NIFSMasayuki Yokoyama
NIFSShinsuke Satake
NIFSAtsushi Ito
NIFSMasahiko Sato
NIFSHao Wang
RISTShinji Tokuda
RISTArimitsu Wakasa
The Graduate University for Advanced StudiesRyosuke Goto
The Graduate University for Advanced StudiesTomoharu Hatori
JAEAKazuhiro Miki
JAEAYasutomo Ishii
JAEAMotoki Nakata
JAEAJunya Shiraishi
JAEAMasatoshi Yagi
JAEATakahisa Ozeki
JAEAAndreas Bierwage
JAEAAkinobu Matsuyama
JAEANobuyuki Aiba
JAEAShinya Maeyama
JAEANaoaki Miyato