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The 18th Numerical EXperiment of Tokamak (NEXT) Workshop

DateAug. 2nd - Aug. 3rd, 2012
PlaceJapan Atomic Energy Agency, Aomori Research and Development Center
Middle meeting room (oral session), Large meeting room (poster session)

Plasma turbulence
Energetic Consistency and Symmetry in Gyrokinetic Field Theory
B. Scott (Max-Planck-Institute für Plasmaphysik)
Special talk (Japanese language)
Nuclear Fusion Development Policy in Japan
S. Sakamoto (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology)
High energy density science
Collision-less Shock Formation without External Magnetic Field - Computation and Experiments of Non-linear Electro-magnetic Turbulence and Subsequent Structure Formation of Shock with the World-largest Laser facilities such as the National Ignition Facility
H. Takabe (Osaka University)
Plasma turbulence
Recent Progress in Gyrokinetic Simulations of LHD plasmas
T.H. Watanabe (NIFS)
Plasma turbulence
Diverse Phase-Space Interactions of 2D Gyrokinetic Turbulence
T. Tatsuno (University of Electro-Communications)
Statistical Properties of Ballistic Front in Edge Turbulence on Existence of Spontaneous Flow
S. Sugita (NIFS)
Linear Properties and Nonlinear Frequency Chirping of Energetic Particle Driven Geodesic Acoustic Mode
H. Wang (The Graduate University for Advanced Studies)
Spatio-Temporal Evolution of L-H transition
K. Miki (National Fusion Research Institute)
Turbulent Transport by Kinetic Ballooning Modes in High-Beta Toroidal Plasmas
A. Ishizawa (NIFS)
MHD Instability and Particle Transport in a Non-Axisymmetric Plasma
S. Nishimura (NIFS)
Progress on a Code for Numerical Calculation of Nonsymmetric MHD Equilibria with Flow and FLR Effects
D. Raburn (Kyoto University)
Total 11

Poster Session
MHD Simulation of Heliotron Plasma in Change of Background
K. Ichiguchi (NIFS)
Two-fluid flowing equilibria of ST plasmas generated by double pulsed coaxial helicity injection on HIST
T. Kanki (Japan Coast Guard Academy)
Nonconforming Vector Finite Element Method for Fully-implicit Resistive MHD Simulations
Y. Kagei (RIST)
Simulation study of high beta plasmas in LHD
M. Sato (NIFS)
Recent progress of hybrid simulation for energetic particles and MHD fluid
Y. Todo (NIFS)
Development of resistive wall mode analysis code for rotating tokamaks : analysis of high-beta plasma in JT-60SA
J. Shiraishi (JAEA)
Variational analysis of explosive collisionless reconnection
M. Hirota (JAEA)
Coarse-graining study of homogeneous and isotropic Hall MHD turbulence
H. Miura (NIFS)
Extended MHD simulation of 2.5D Rayleigh-Taylor instability
R. Goto (NIFS)
Eigenmode analysis of Rayleigh-Taylor/Kelvin-Helmholtz instability based on the extended MHD model
A. Ito (NIFS)
Construction of a reduced fluid model via a reduced kinetic model
N. Miyato (JAEA)
Multi-fluid transport equations on the flux coordinates in tokamaks
M. Honda (JAEA)
Modeling and simulation of radiation damage in materials during irradiation
Y. Watanabe (JAEA)
Simulation study of toroidal flow generation by ICRF minority heating in Alcator C-Mod plasma
S. Murakami (Kyoto University)
Extension of runaway electron orbit following code in tokamak plasmas
A. Matsuyama (JAEA)
Dependency of current decay time on plasma parameter during initial phase of current quench in JT-60U tokamaks
Y. Shibata (JAEA)
Transport Simulation and Turbulence Analysis of Tokamak Plasmas under Different Heating Channels
E. Narita (Osaka University)
An implementation of parallel two-dimensional FFT in a local gyrokinetic Vlasov simulation code
S. Maeyama (JAEA)
Neoclassical Viscosity calculation in helical plasmas
S. Satake (NIFS)
Heat transport simulation using gyro-Bohm transport model including ion temperature gradient effect
A. Wakasa (Kyoto University)
Modeling of two-dimensional transport in core and peripheral regions of tokamak plasmas
H. Seto (Kyoto University)
Comparison of Turbulent Trasnport Models using 1.5D Transport Code TASK/TR
T. Ikari (Kyoto University)
ECH simulation with momentum conserving collisional operator
S. Hasegawa (Kyoto University)
Progress of kinetic integrated modeling of tokamak plasmas
A. Fukuyama (Kyoto University)
Effect of Velocity Space Anisotropicity on the Nonlinear Dynamics of Energetic Particle Modes in JT-60U
A. Bierwage (JAEA)
Development of fixed-gradient full-f gyrokinetic simulations for global ITG turbulent transport
M. Nakata (JAEA)
Momentum transport in 3rd order gyrokinetics
Y. Idomura (JAEA)
Prospects for Fusion Simulation Research for IFERC-CSC
M. Yagi (JAEA)
Total 28

A list of participants
Max-Planck-Institute für PlasmaphysikBruce Scott
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and TechnologyShuichi Sakamoto
Osaka UniversityHideaki Takabe
Osaka UniversityEmi Narita
NIFSTomohiko Watanabe
NIFSSatoru Sugita
NIFSAkihiro Ishizawa
NIFSSeiya Nishimura
NIFSKatuji Ichiguchi
NIFSMasahiko Sato
NIFSYasushi Todo
NIFSHideaki Miura
NIFSRyosuke Goto
NIFSAtsushi Ito
NIFSShinsuke Satake
University of Electro-CommunicationsTomoya Tatsuno
The Graduate University for Advanced StudiesHao Wang
The Graduate University for Advanced StudiesTomoharu Hatori
National Fusion Research InstituteKazuhiro Miki
Kyoto UniversityDaniel Raburn
Kyoto UniversitySadayoshi Murakami
Kyoto UniversityArimitsu Wakasa
Kyoto UniversityHaruki Seto
Kyoto UniversityTomoaki Ikari
Kyoto UniversitySoichiro Hasegawa
Kyoto UniversityAtsushi Fukuyama
Japan Coast Guard AcademyTakashi Kanki
RISTYasuhiro Kagei
JAEAJunya Shiraishi
JAEAMakoto Hirota
JAEANaoaki Miyato
JAEAMitsuru Honda
JAEAYoshiyuki Watanabe
JAEAAkinobu Matsuyama
JAEAYoshihide Shibata
JAEAShinya Maeyama
JAEAAndreas Bierwage
JAEAMotoki Nakata
JAEAYasuhiro Idomura
JAEAMasatoshi Yagi
JAEATakahisa Ozeki