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The 16th Numerical EXperiment of Tokamak (NEXT) Workshop

DateMar. 14th - Mar. 15th, 2011
PlaceWest Bldg. 2nd Meeting room(oral session), East Bldg. Middle Meeting room(poster session)

Opening remark M. Yagi (JAEA, Kyushu Univ.)
Prospects of fusion simulation research for BA CSC M. Yagi (JAEA, Kyushu Univ.)
Molecular dynamics simulation for Plasma Facing Materials H. Nakamura (NIFS)
Equilibria with flow and pressure anisotropy in high-beta reduced MHD model
A. Ito (NIFS)
Impact of resonant magnetic perturbations on torus plasmas S. Nishimura (NIFS)
Push-forward representations of fluid moments associated with reduced kinetic models
N. Miyato (JAEA)
Gyrokinetic ITG Turbulence Simulation in LHD experiment M. Nunami (NIFS)
Analysis of shear flow effects on ballooning stability of a toroidally rotating plasma in magnetospheric configuration
T. Sugiura (Univ. Tokyo)
Effects of electron drift orbit on neoclassical transport in Helical Plasmas
S. Matsuoka (Grad. Univ. Advanced Studies)
Nonlinear entropy transfer via zonal flows in toroidal plasma turbulence
M. Nakata (Grad. Univ. Advanced Studies)
Total 9

Poster Session
Impurity transport simulation with gas puffing in the LHD divertor G. Kawamura (NIFS)
Analysis of Bohm condition in two-ion-species plasmas using PARASOL S. Azuma (Kyoto Univ.)
Comparison of transport models in tokamak ramp-up simulation T. Ikari (Kyoto Univ.)
Formulation of two-dimensional transport in tokamak plasmas H. Seto (Kyoto Univ.)
Transport Simulation of Helical Plasmas Using the Dynamic Transport Model M. Miki (Kyoto Univ.)
Simulation study on neoclassical toroidal viscosity S. Satake (NIFS)
Response analysis of zonal flow in helical plasmas and extension of GKV code T. Watanabe (NIFS)
Numerical method for Eulerian Vlasov simulation based on the multi-moment scheme
T. Kawano (Kyoto Univ.)
Gyrofluid simulation of slab ITG turbulence in plasmas including pressure profile corrugation
S. Miyata (Kyoto Univ.)
An numerical method for parallel particle motions in gyrokinetic Vlasov simulations
S. Maeyama (Tokyo Inst. Tech.)
Noncanonical Lie perturbation analysis of relativistic ponderomotive force and higher-order particle motion in a high intensity laser field
N. Iwata (Kyoto Univ.)
A New numerical scheme for resistive relativistic MHD using method of characteristics
M. Takamoto (Kyoto Univ.)
Multi-Scale MHD Simulation of Beta-Increasing Heliotron Plasma K. Ichiguchi (NIFS)
Interaction between interchange mode and static island
K. Saito (Grad. Univ. Advanced Studies)
Critical parameters for the nonlinear destabilization of double tearing modes in reversed shear plasmas
M. Janvier (Kyoto Univ.)
Anisotropic pressure effects on diamagnetic current in a magnetospheric plasma equilibrium
S. Iizuka (Univ. Tokyo)
Improvement of new matching method for boundary layer problem M. Furukawa (Univ. Tokyo)
MHD Simulation of Multi-pulsed Helicity Injection in ST Plasmas
T. Kanki (Japan Coast Guard Academy)
Poloidal rotation effect on ELM and RWM in toroidally rotating tokamak plasmas
N. Aiba (JAEA)
Nonlinear simulation of toroidicity induced Alfven eigenmode by a kinetic-fluid model
Y. Nishimura (National Cheng Kung Univ. (Taiwan))
Linear stability analysis of Alfven eigenmodes in the presence of ITB K. Yamasaki (Kyoto Univ.)
Alpha Particle-Induced Torque in DEMO-relevant Plasmas M. Honda (JAEA)
Study of radial diffusion of energetic ions by high-m magnetic perturbations using DCOM code
S. Izumi (Kyoto Univ.)
The influence of the interparticle collision in high energy particle confinement Y. Masaoka (Kyoto Univ.)
Energetic Particle Confinement Analysis in LHD H. Yamaguchi (Kyoto Univ.)
Simulation study of ICRF heating with Plasma Simulator by GNET T. Shirakawa (Kyoto Univ.)
Kinetic integrate modeling of plasma heating in tokamak plasmas H. Nuga (Kyoto Univ.)
Higher resolution FEM analysis of EC wave structure in tokamaks by TASK/WF
Y. Maruyama (Kyoto Univ.)
Simulation study of ECCD by GNET in helical plasmas Y. Moriya (Kyoto Univ.)
Total 29

A list of participants
NIFSKatuji Ichiguchi
NIFSAtsushi Ito
NIFSGakushi Kawamura
NIFSShinsuke Satake
NIFSHiroaki Nakamura
NIFSSeiya Nishimura
NIFSMasanori Nunami
NIFSTomohiko Watanabe
Grad. Univ. Advanced StudiesKinya Saito
Grad. Univ. Advanced StudiesMotoki Nakata
Grad. Univ. Advanced StudiesSeikichi Matsuoka
Kyoto Univ.Shuhei Azuma
Kyoto Univ.Tomoaki Ikari
Kyoto Univ.Satohiro Izumi
Kyoto Univ.Natsumi Iwata
Kyoto Univ.Takafumi Kawano
Kyoto Univ.Takashi Shirakawa
Kyoto Univ.Miho Janvier
Kyoto Univ.Haruki Seto
Kyoto Univ.Makoto Takamoto
Kyoto Univ.Hideo Nuga
Kyoto Univ.Atsushi Fukuyama
Kyoto Univ.Yoshitada Masaoka
Kyoto Univ.Keisuke Matsumoto
Kyoto Univ.Yuichiro Maruyama
Kyoto Univ.Masaki Miki
Kyoto Univ.Sho Miyata
Kyoto Univ.Yohei Moriya
Kyoto Univ.Hiroyuki Yamaguchi
Kyoto Univ.Koutarou Yamasaki
Univ. TokyoShota Iizuka
Univ. TokyoTomoaki Sugiura
Univ. TokyoMasaru Furukawa
Tokyo Inst. Tech.Shinya Maeyama
Japan Coast Guard AcademyTakashi Kanki
Kyushu Univ.Masatoshi Yagi
National Cheng Kung Univ.Yasutaro Nishimura
JAEANobuyuki Aiba
JAEAMitsuru Honda
JAEATaro Matsumoto
JAEANaoaki Miyato