Fusion Plasma Research

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    JT-60 Machine and Database
      Power Supply
  • Organization of Operation and Safety
  • Power Supply System
  • Control System
Objectives of JT-60 experiments during 2007-2008
  • Extension of operation regime based on steady-state high beta research using modified heating system and optimized control system towards DEMO, ITER and JT-60SA.
  • Development of real-time control scheme for burning plasma control and establishment of physics bases for accurate predictions of a plasma performance using newly installed diagnostics.
  • Physics R&D for JT-60SA design.
  • Targets
    1. Achievement of long sustainment of high integrated performance
      βN=2.5-3, HH>1, fBS>0.4, τduration=25-30 s (~τNB-inj.)
    2. Achievement of long sustainment of high beta exceeding no-wall ideal MHD limit
      βN=3-3.5 (>βNno-wall), τduration=5-8 s (~τR)
    3. Achievement of long sustainment of high radiation fraction
      frad>0.8, HH>0.9, ne/nGW>0.7, τduration=15-25 s (~τwall)