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  • 27th Symposium on Fusion Technology (SOFT-27), Liege, Belgium, Sep. 2012
    • K. Tobita, "Fuel circulation concept for minimizing tritium inventory in DEMO"
    • M. Nakamura, "Impact of an inter-linked central solenoid configuration on the size of tokamak DEMO"
    • S. Moriyama, "Development of linear motion antenna for JT-60SA ECRF system"
    • Y.K. Shibama, "Welding Technology R&D on Port Joint of JT-60SA Vacuum Vessel"
    • K. Shibanuma, "Assembly Study for JT-60SA Tokamak Components"
    • K. Yoshida, "Feeder components and instrumentation for the JT-60SA magnet system"
    • K. Tsuchiya, "Fabrication and installation of equilibrium field coils for the JT-60SA"
    • A. Kojima, "Long-pulse production of the negative ion beams for JT-60SA"