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  • Plasma Conference 2011, Kanazawa, Japan, Nov. 2011
    • T. Fujita, "New Plasma Regime and Physics Research in JT-60SA towards ITER and DEMO"
    • K. Shimizu, "L/H transition simulation with integrated modelling of core and SOL/divertor transport"
    • N. Hayashi, "Integrated simulation study of ELM pacing by pellet injection with TOPICS-IB"
    • M. Honda, "Collisionality dependence of shielding factor of beam driven current"
    • Y. Miyata, "Development of simulator for plasma position and shape control in JT-60SA"
    • K. Itami, "Recent Development of the Plasma Diagnostics for JT-60SA"
    • T. Hatae, "Progress in development of the edge Thomson scattering system in ITER"
    • T. Nakano, "On measurement of ion temperature at the center of high density plasmas of JT-60SA"
    • S. Masuzaki, "Design of a movable material probe system for PWI study in JT-60SA"
    • M. Fukumoto, "Deuterium and carbon accumulation in tungsten coating exposed to JT-60U divertor plasmas"
    • K. Kamiya, "Edge Er structure in JT-60U H-mode having Type-I ELMs"
    • K. Ida, "Reduction of thermal diffusivity inside a magnetic island in tokamak plasmas"
    • J. Shiraishi, "Theory and simulation for resistive wall modes in rotating plasmas"
    • J. Shiraishi, "Development of resistive wall mode analysis code for rotating plasmas and its application to JT-60SA"
    • N. Miyato, "Higher Order Terms of the Guiding-Center Transformation and the Gyrokinetic Quasi-Neutrality Condition"
    • M. Hirota, "Theory of action-angle variables for continuous spectrum in owing plasma"
    • Y. Idomura, "Momentum transport in full-f gyrokinetic simulations"
    • Y. Ishii, "Outline of the IFERC-CSC Activity"
    • M. Yagi, "Prospects of Theory and Simulation Research in JAEA for IFERC-CSC"
    • K. Tobita, "Study on Maintenance, Recycle, and Radioactive Waste Management of Fusion Reactor, Part IV: Outline of recycle scenario"
    • N. Asakura, "Investigation of impurity transport and radiation characteristics in SlimCS DEMO reactor by the divertor simulation code SONIC"
    • K. Hoshino, "Investigation of the detached divertor model in the SONIC simulation"
    • M. Nakamura, "One-dimensional dynamical analysis of detached divertor plasmas"
    • M. Nakamura, "Development of a systems analysis code for fusion DEMO reactor design"
    • Y. Shibama, "Design and Manufacturing Status of JT-60SA Vacuum Vessel and Cryostat"
    • Y. Shibata, "Study of plasma collapse in plasma current ramp-down phase of tokamak and helical devices"
    • S. Kawakami, "Analysis of current quench of the JT-60U tokamak by using two dimensional MHD equilibrium calculation Code (DINA)"
    • T. Kobayashi, "Design and Development of Electron Cyclotron Heating and Current Drive System for JT-60SA"
    • K. Yamauchi, "Overview of JT-60SA Magnet Power Supply System"