Fusion Plasma Research

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  • 21st International Toki Conference, Toki, Japan, Nov. 2011
    • Y. Someya, "Estimation of decay heat in fusion DEMO reactor"
    • H. Utoh, "Modification of DOHEAT for optimization of coolant conditions in DEMO blanket"
    • S. Ide, "Plasma domains and development of operation scenarios in JT-60SA"
    • A. Bierwage, "Nonlinear Simulations of Energetic Particle Modes in High-Beta Tokamak Plasma"
    • H. Tojo, "Demonstration of in-situ relative calibration method for a Thomson scattering diagnostic on TST-2"
    • A. Isayama, "Recent Results from the Development of the Electron Cyclotron Heating System for JT-60SA toward High-Power Long-Pulse Operations"
    • K. Hada, "Analysis of ECRH Preionization for Plasma Startup in JT-60SA"