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  • 8th General Scientific Assembly of the Asia Plasma and Fusion Association (APFA 2011), Guilin, China, Nov. 2011
    • S. Ide, "Plasma operational domain and the status of the project for JT-60SA"
    • K. Yamauchi, "Detailed Analysis of Transient Voltage in JT-60SA PF Coil Circuit"
    • M. Matsukawa, "A conceptual design study for the error field correction coil power supply in JT-60SA"
    • K. Shimada, "Minimization of reactive power fluctuation in JT-60SA power supply"
    • S. Nakamura, "Design study of top lid with clamp structure in JT-60SA cryostat"
    • Y. Someya, "Estimation of TBR on the gap between neighboring blanket modules in DEMO reactor"