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  • 37th EPS Conference on Plasma Physics, Dublin, Ireland, Jun. 2010
    • N. Miyato, "Modification on the gyrokinetic quasi-neutrality condition due to large flow"
    • N. Aiba, "Impact of the toroidal rotation on the n dependence of the growth rate of the edge localized MHD modes"
    • S. Ide, "Assessment of integrated physics design of the JT-60SA plasmas"
    • T. Suzuki, "Measurement of Type-I ELM Pulse Propagation in SOL Through BES Use of MSE Diagnostics in JT-60U and Impact of ELM on MSE Diagnostics"
    • A. Froese, "Kinetic analysis of the heat transmission coefficients in the scrape-off layer using PARASOL"
    • M. Koubiti, "Diagnostics of tokamak divertor plasmas by Stark broadening of impurity emission lines"
    • M. Takechi, "Mode rigidity study of RWM on RFX with reduced RWM control coils for JT-60SA RWM stabilization"
    • J.A. Snipes, "Results of ITER Test Blanket Module Mock-Up Experiments on DIII-D"
    • A. Bierwage, "Pressure-Gradient-Induced Alfvén Eigenmodes Destabilized by Ion Temperature Gradient"