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  • 23rd IAEA Fusion Energy Conference, Daejon, Korea, Oct. 2010
    • N. Oyama, "Characteristics and control of Type I ELM in JT-60U"
    • M.J. Schaffer, "ITER Test Blanket Module Error Field Simulation Experiments at DIII-D"
    • K. Shimizu, "Self-consistent Integrated Modelling of Core and SOL/Divertor Transports and Simulation Study on Transient Behavior of Heat Load on Divertor Targets"
    • T. Suzuki, "Experimental Investigation And Validation of Neutral Beam Current Drive for ITER through ITPA Joint Experiments"
    • N. Hayashi, "Integrated simulation of ELM triggered by pellet through energy absorption and transport enhancement"
    • H. Urano, "Comparison of Pedestal Characteristics in JET & JT-60U Similarity Experiments under Variable Toroidal Field Ripple"
    • M. Honda, "Alpha Particle-Driven Toroidal Rotation in Burning Plasmas"
    • K. Hoshino, "Inward Pinch of High-Z Impurity due to Atomic Processes in a Rotating Tokamak Plasma and the Effect of Radial Electric Field"
    • T.C. Luce, "Development of Advanced Inductive Scenarios for ITER"
    • J. Stober, "ECRH assisted plasma start-up with toroidally inclined launch: multi- machine comparison and perspectives for ITER"
    • D. Moreau, "Plasma Models for Real-Time Control of Advanced Tokamak Scenarios"
    • M. Uchida, "Generation of Initial Closed Flux Surface by ECH at Conventional Aspect Ratio of R/a ~ 3; Experiments on the LATE device and JT-60U Tokamak"
    • M. Murakami, "Integrated Modeling of Steady-state Scenarios and Heating and Current Drive Mixes for ITER"
    • F. Imbeaux, "Current ramps in tokamaks : from present experiments to ITER scenarios"
    • M. Yoshida, "Core and edge toroidal rotation study in JT-60U"
    • M. Fukumoto, "Deuterium Retention Mechanism in Tungsten-Coatings exposed to JT-60U Divertor Plasmas"
    • K. Shinohara, "3D Effect of Ferromagnetic Materials on Alpha Particle Power Loads on First Wall Structures and Equilibrium on ITER"
    • G.J. Kramer, "Fast Ion Effects during Test Blanket Module Simulation Experiments in DIII-D"
    • N. Miyato, "Effects of strong ExB flow on gyrokinetics"
    • B.D. Scott, "Gyrokinetic studies of turbulence, equilibrium, and flows in the tokamak edge"
    • M. Hirota, "Lagrangian approach to resonant three-mode interaction in magnetohydrodynamics"
    • J. Shiraishi, "Analytic theory of a matching problem generalized for stability analysis of resistive wall modes in rotating plasmas"
    • N. Aiba, "Mechanism of the plasma rotation effect on the type-I ELM in tokamaks"
    • X. Wang, "Kinetic thermal ions effects on Alfvénic fluctuations in tokamak plasmas"
    • L. Chen, "Verification of gyrokinetic particle simulation of Alfvén eigenmodes excited by external antenna and by fast ions"
    • A. Cardinali, "Energetic particle physics in FAST H-mode scenario with combined NNBI and ICRH"
    • K. Tobita, "Concept of power core components of the SlimCS fusion DEMO reactor"
    • N. Asakura, "Experimental and simulational studies on dust transport in JT-60U plasma"
    • Y. Kamada, "Research Regimes and Design Optimization of JT-60SA Device towards ITER and DEMO"
    • A. Wakasa, "Integrated Transport Simulation of LHD Plasmas using TASK/3D"
    • G. Matsunaga, "Interactions between MHD instabilities in the wall-stabilized high-b plasmas"
    • M. Takechi, "Design study of plasma control system on JT-60SA for high beta operation"
    • S. Sakurai, "Design and Development of Lower Divertor for JT-60SA"
    • A. Isayama, "Overview of JT-60U Results Toward the Resolution of Key Physics and Engineering Issues in ITER and JT-60SA"
    • T. Kobayashi, "Progress of high power and long pulse ECRF system development in JT-60"
    • Y. Kojima, "Demonstration of 500keV beam acceleration on JT-60 negative-ion-based neutral beam injector"