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  • 7th General Scientific Assembly of the Asia Plasma and Fusion Association and Asia-Pacific Plasma Theory Conference, Aomori, Japan, Oct. 2009
    • T. Hatae, "Development of Prototype YAG laser amplifier for the Edge Thomson Scattering System in ITER"
    • S. Kajita, "Design study of the divertor Thomson scattering system for JT-60SA"
    • H. Tojo, "Conceptual design of polychromator for Thomson scattering system in JT-60SA"
    • M. Hukumoto, "Deuterium retention in tungsten coating on the CFC tiles exposed to JT-60U divertor plasmas"
    • M. Honda, "Modeling of neutral transport for self-consistent transport simulations in tokamaks"
    • K. Hoshino, "Modelling of JT-60U Detached Divertor Plasma Using SONIC Code"
    • A. Froese, "Particle Simulation Study of SOL Heat Transport to the Divertor Plate"
    • N. Asakura, "Simulation of power exhaust in edge and divertor of the SlimCS tokamak Demo Reactor"
    • H. Uto, "SCONE code: the superconducting TF coils design code for tokamak fusion reactor"
    • C. Liu, "Numerical simulation analysis for the divertor plate of DEMO reactor"
    • N. Miyato, "Fluid moments in modified guiding-centre coordinates"
    • N. Aiba, "Numerical analysis of the rotation effect on the type-I ELM in JT-60U"
    • M. Hirota, "Action-angle representation of waves and instabilities in flowing plasmas"
    • Y. Shibama, "Heat Transfer Characteristics of The First Wall with Graphite Sheet Interlayer"
    • T. Ozeki, "Integration of Tokamak Plasma Models Based on JT-60 Experiments"
    • J. Shiraishi, "Rotation and rotation shear effects on resistive wall mode stability"
    • Y. Idomura, "Properties of avalanches and momentum transport in driven ITG turbulence"
    • S. Jolliet, "Parallel filtering in global Vlasov gyrokinetic simulations"
    • M. Lesur, "Kinetic nonlinearities and subcritical instabilities driven by a high-energy particle beam"
    • S. Tokunaga, "Global simulation study of ion internal transport barrier dynamics"
    • A. Froese, "Particle Simulation Study of SOL Heat Transport to the Divertor Plate"
    • M. Yagi, "Multi-scale Simulation Study of MHD and Plasma Turbulence"
    • K. Shimada, "A Design Study of Stable Coil Current Control Method for Back-to-Back Thyristor Converter in JT-60SA"
    • M. Matsukawa, "Optimization of Plasma Initiation Scenarios in JT-60SA"
    • K. Yamauchi, "Electric circuit analysis for plasma breakdown in JT-60SA"
    • A. Takayama, "A New Framework for Integrated Simulation Model Using MPMD Approach"