Fusion Plasma Research

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  • 51st Annual Meeting of the Division of Plasma Physics, Atlanta, USA, Nov. 2009
    • N. Hayashi, "Advanced tokamak research with integrated modeling in JT-60U"
    • T. Suzuki, "Measurement of Type-I ELM Pulse Propagation in Scrape-Off Layer Using Optical System of Motional Stark Effect Diagnostics in JT-60U"
    • J. Shiraishi, "Rotation and rotation shear effects on resistive wall mode stability"
    • M. Hirota, "Adiabatic invariance for eigenmodes and continuum modes in nonuniform plasmas"
    • N. Aiba, "Destabilization mechanism of edge-localized MHD modes by a toroidal rotation in tokamaks"
    • M. Yoshida, "Parameter dependences of toroidal rotation and momentum transport in JT-60U"
    • G. Matsunaga, "Stability Control for High-beta Plasmas on JT-60SA"