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  • 18th International Conference on Plasma Surface Interactions, Toledo, Spain, May. 2008
    • S. Sakurai, "Design and R&D of Plasma Facing Components for JT-60SA and Assessment of Divertor Performance"
    • K. Shimizu, "Kinetic Effect of Thermal Force on Impurity Transport: Simulation of JT-60SA Divertor with Integrated Divertor Code SONIC"
    • K. Hoshino, "Numerical Analysis of Incident Angle of Heavy Metal Impurity to Plasma Facing Components by IMPGYRO"
    • M. Yoshida, "Hydrogen isotope retention in the first wall tiles of JT-60U"
    • T. Hayashi, "Deuterium depth profiling in graphite tiles not exposed to hydrogen discharges before air ventilation of JT-60U"
    • H. Takenaga, "Particle control study towards burning plasma control in JT-60U"
    • T. Nakano, "Radiation process of carbon ions in JT-60U detached divertor plasmas"
    • N. Asakura, "Fluctuations characteristics and parallel plasma flow in SOL and divertor on JT-60U"
    • K. Itami, "RF heated wall conditioning discharges in JT-60U"