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  • 11th IAEA Technical Meeting on H-mode Physics and Transport Barriers, Tsukuba, Japan, Sep. 2007
    • T. Ozeki, "MHD stability due to internal transport barrier and its effect on the transport"
    • T. Takizuka, "Two-Dimensional Full Particle Simulation of the Formation of Electrostatic Field in a Tokamak Plasma"
    • N. Miyato, "Electromagnetic effects on zonal mode generation and turbulent transport in tokamak plasmas"
    • V. Parail, "Predictive modelling of ripple-induced effects in ELMy H-mode plasmas"
    • Y. Sakamoto, "Characteristics of quiescent H-mode plasmas with co-, ctr- and balanced injection of neutral beam in JT-60U"
    • H. Urano, "Enhanced H-mode energy confinement with co-toroidal rotation in JT-60U"
    • N. Hayashi, "Simulation study of density dynamics effect on the ELM behavior with TOPICS-IB"
    • N. Aiba, "Effect of Equilibrium Properties on the Structure of the Edge MHD Modes in Tokamaks"
    • N. Oyama, "Progress and issues in physics understanding of dynamics, mitigation and control of ELMs"
    • N. Oyama, "Effect of toroidal field ripple and toroidal rotation on H-mode performance and ELM characteristics in JET/JT-60U similarity experiments"
    • N. Asakura, "ELM propagation in the high-field-side Scrape-off Layer of the JT-60U"
    • H. Takenaga, "Effects of low central fuelling on density and ion temperature profiles in reversed shear plasmas on JT-60U"
    • Y. Nakajima, "Three-dimensional neutral transport simulation during transport barrier formation in the JT-60U plasmas"