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  • 24th Symposium on Fusion Technology (SOFT-24), Warsaw, Poland, Sept. 2006
    • T. Hayashi, "Impact of N-isotope composition control of ferritic steel on classification of radioactive materials from fusion reactor"
    • K. Kizu, "Evaluation of strain dependence of critical current of Nb3Al conductor for coils with react-and-wind method"
    • T. Oshima, "Improvement of diagnostic data processing system and development of remote participation system in JT-60U"
    • K. Shimomura, "Burn control simulation experiments in JT-60U"
    • S. Iio, "Diamagnetic loop measurements in JT-60U with precision analog integrator"
    • M. Sueoka, "Plasma movie database system for JT-60"
    • K. Shimada, "A Control method of matrix converter for plasma control coil power supply"
    • Y. Shibama, "Structural design of ferritic steel tiles for ripple reduction of toroidal magnetic field in JT-60U"
    • S. Moriyama, "First result of quasi-real-time-power measurement on the JT-60U ECH system and design study of a linear motion antenna"
    • Y. Ikeda, "Technical design of NBI system for JT-60SA"
    • H. Tamai, "Prospective performances in JT-60SA towards the ITER and DEMO relevant plasmas"
    • A. Sukegawa, "Safety design of radiation shielding for JT-60SA"
    • S. Sakurai, "Design study of plasma facing components for JT-60SA"
    • K. Tsuchiya, "Design of the superconducting coil system in JT-60SA aiming at achieving high performance plasmas"