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  • 16th International Toki Conference on Advanced Imaging and Plasma Diagnostics (ITC-16), Toki, Japan, Dec. 2006
    • Y. Liu, "Application of tomographic imaging to multi-pixel bolometric measurements"
    • H. Parchamy, "Spatial variation of the foil parameters from in-situ calibration of the JT-60U imaging bolometer foil"
    • B.J. Peterson, "Research and development of imaging bolometers"
    • S. Kobayashi, "荷電交換再結合分光の実時間計測システムの開発とイオン温度勾配帰還制御への適用"
    • K. Fujimoto, "Two-dimensional spectroscopic measurement of deuterium balmer-series lines in JT-60U divertor plasmas"
    • A. Kojima, "Numerical simulation of a high-brightness lithium ion gun for a Zeeman polarimetry on JT-60U"
    • T. Hatae, "Development of polarization interferometer based on Fourier transform spectroscopy for Thomson scattering diagnostics"
    • M. Sato, "Effects of relativistic and absorption on ECE spectra in high temperature tokamak plasma"
    • F. Wang, "Current profile dependence of CCS method to reproduce spherical tokamak plasma shape"