Fusion Plasma Research

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  • ISFNT-7, National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, Tokyo, May.22-27, 2005
    • K. Tsuzuki, "Exposure of reduced activation ferritic steel F82H to TEXTOR plasma"
    • K. Tsuchiya, "Engineering design and control scenario for steady-state high-beta operation in National Centralized Tokamak"
    • K. Tobita, "Design study of fusion DEMO plant at JAERI"
    • S. Nishio, "Consideration on blanket structure for fusion DEMO plant at JAERI"
    • M. Sato, "Concept of core and divertor plasma for fusion DEMO plant at JAERI"
    • T. Hayashi, "Neutronics assesment of advanced shield materials using metal hydrode and borohydride for fusion reactor"
    • H. Kawashima, "Divertor modeling for the design of the National Centralized Tokamak with high beta steady-state plasmas"
    • H. Takahashi, "Fracture mechanics analysis including the butt joint geometry for the superconducting conductor conduit of National Centralized Tokamak"
    • K. Kurihara, "Design Issues and Prospects of Plasma Equilibrium Monitoring and Control for a Steady-state Tokamak Reactor"
    • M. Kikuchi, "Blanket-Plasma Interaction in Tokamaks - Implication from JT-60U and JFT-2M experiments and reactor studies -"