Fusion Plasma Research

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  • 5th Asia Plasma&Fusion (APFA), Jeju in Korea, Aug. 29-31, 2005
    • K. Shinohara, "Review of recent steady-state advanced tokamak research, and its further pursuit by reduction of TF ripple on JT-60U"
    • T. Hatae, "Application of phase conjugate mirrors to Thomson scattering diagnostics in JT-60U and ITER"
    • T. Tsuda, "Stability of Double Tearing Mode in the Current Hole Configuration"
    • Y. Ikeda, T. Yamamoto, "Progress of Neutral Beam Injection System on JT-60U for long pulse operation"
    • H. Ninomiya, T. Yamamoto, "Overview of National Centralized Tokamak Program - Mission, Design and Strategy to Contribute ITER and DEMO -"