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  • 10th IAEA Technical Meeting on H-mode Physics and Transport Barriers, St Petersburg, Sept. 28-30, 2005
    • H. Takenaga, "Temporal variation of density fluctuation and transport in reversed shear plasmas on JT-60U"
    • H. Urano, "Impact of toroidal rotation on H-mode pedestal structure for variation in plasma geometrical configuration in JT-60U"
    • K. Kamiya, "Characterization of Type-I ELMs in tangential co-, balanced-, and counter- plus perpendicular NBI heated plasmas on JT-60U"
    • H. Kamada, "Impact of the Edge Pedestal Characteristics on the Integrated Performance in Advanced Tokamak Operation Modes on JT-60U"
    • M. Yoshida, "Observations of the collapse and recovery of the temperature pedestal by using diagnostics with the fast temporal resolution in JT-60U"
    • N. Hayashi, "Structural Mechanism of Strong Internal Transport Barrier in JT-60U Reversed-Shear Plasma"
    • T. Takizuka, "Origin of the various beta dependence of the ELMy H-mode confinement properties"
    • N. Miyato, "Nonlocal behaviour of zonal flows in tokamak plasmas"
    • Y. Sakamoto, "Response of toroidal rotation velocity to electron cyclotron wave injection in JT-60U plasmas"
    • R. Budny, H. Takenaga, "Comparisons of gyrokinetic simulations and measurements of transport and fuctuations in JT60-U plasma with box-type ITB"
    • Y. Ohyama, "Pedestal conditions for small ELM regimes in tokamaks"
    • Y. Nagashima, K. Hoshino, "Observation of coherent bicoherence and biphase in potential fluctuations around geodesic acoustic mode frequency on JFT-2M"