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  • 9th IAEA Technical Meeting on H-mode Physics and Transport Barriers, SanDiego, USA, September 24-26, 2003
    • T.Takizuka, "Roles of Aspect Ratio, Absolute B and Effective Z for the H-mode Power Threshold in Tokamaks of ITPA Database"
    • N.Hayashi,"Transport Simulation of Current Hole Formation in JT-60U"
    • T.Fujita, "Formation conditions of electron internal transport barriers in JT-60U plasmas"
    • K.Kamiya,"High Recycling Steady H-mode Regime in the JFT-2M tokamak"
    • Y.Sakamoto, "Impact of toroidal rotation on ELM behavior in H-mode and ITB plasmas on JT-60U"
    • N.Oyama, "Density fluctuation measurement at edge and internal transport barrier in JT-60U"
    • G.Saibene,"Dimensionless pedestal identity experiments in JT-60U and JET in ELMy H-mode plasmas"
    • Y.Kishimoto, "Theoretical understanding of transport barrier as a complex system"
    • Y.Miura, "Issues of diagnostics, analysis and control for transport barriers"
    • Y.Nagashima, "Edge coherent fluctuation measurements in H-mode discharges on JFT-2M"