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  • 30th European Physical Society Conference on Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion, St.Petersburg, Russia, July 7-11, 2003
    • Y.Kusama, "Advanced Material and High Performance Experiments on JFT-2M"
    • N.Asakura, "Parallel and Drift Plasma Flows in SOL, and Influence on Impurity Transport in JT-60U Tokamak"
    • S.Higashijima, "Tritium Removal using Wall Conditioning Discharges in JT-60U"
    • T.Fujita, "Key Quantities for ITB Formation and Sustainment"
    • H.Takenaga, "Transport study in reactor-relevant regime on JT-60U towards advanced steady-state tokamak operation"
    • A.V.Chankin, "Global Circulation of Drift Flows in the SOL and Divertor and its Impact on Divertor Asymmetries"
    • Y.Nakamura, "TSC Modelling of Current Ramp Scenarios with ITB-Generated Bootstrap Currents in JT-60U Reversed Shear Discharges"
    • N.Takei, "TSC Simulation of Disruptive Current Termination on JT-60U Reversed Shear Plasmas"
    • S.Tokuda, "Inner layer problem for ideal MHD modes in a toroidal system"
    • T.Ozeki, "MHD Equilibrium and Stability of Current Hole Plasmas"
    • Y.Kawano, "Current Quench Characteristics of Major Disruptions in JT-60U"
    • Y.Kawano, "Application of CVD Diamond Window in Infrared Laser Diagnostics for Fusion Plasmas"
    • Y.Kawano, "Diagnostics for Fusion Plasma Control in JT-60U"