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  • 13th International Toki Conference on Plasma Physics and Controlled Nuclear Fusion, Toki, Japan, December 9-12, 2003
    • K.Hoshino, "On MHD Oscillation in high beta H-mode tokamak plasma in JFT-2M"
    • N.Takei, " Axisymmetric MHD Simulation of ITB Crash and Following Disruption Dynamics of Tokamak Plasmas with High Bootstrap Current"
    • S.Tokuda, "Theory of the Newcomb equation and applications to MHD stability analysis of a tokamak"
    • T.Matsumoto, "Statistical Characteristics from Gyro-fluid Transport Simulation"
    • M.Furukawa, "A model equation for ballooning modes in toroidally rotating tokamaks"
    • N.Miyato, "Electromagnetic effect on turbulent transport in tokamak based on Landau fluid global simulation"
    • Y.Idomura, "Gyrokinetic simulations of tokamak micro-turbulence including kinetic electron effects"
    • Jiquan LI, "Saturation of zonal flow in collisionless electron temperature gradient driven turbulence"
    • Y.Kagei, "MHD Relaxation to the flipped state in low aspect ratio toroidal plasmas"
    • Y.Miura, "Studies of Transport Barrier on JT-60U and JFT-2M"
    • Y.Nakamura, " Current Profile Behavior during Ramping-up Phase in High Bootstrap Current Tokamak Plasmas"