Fusion Plasma Research

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  • 19th IAEA Fusion Energy Conference, Lyon, France, 14 to 19 October 2002

    co-operative presentations
    • K.W. Hill, "Study of Integrated High-Performance Regimes with Impurity Injection in JT-60U Discharges", EX/P2-03
    • S.V. Neudatchin, "Role of Low Order Rational q Values on the ITB-events in JT-60U Plasmas", EX/P2-06
    • T. Tanabe, "Tritium Distribution on Plasma Facing Graphite Tiles of JT-60U", EX/P2-11
    • C.Z. Cheng, "Fast Particle Destabilization of TAE Type Modes in NSTX, JT-60U and Proposed Burning Plasma Devices", TH/7-1Rb
    • A. Hatayama, "High Mach Flow Associated with Plasma Detachment in JT-60U", TH/P2-15
    • T. Shikama, "Irradiation test of diagnostic components for ITER application in a fission reactor, Japan Materials Testing Reactor", CT/P-11
    • Y. Takase, "Formation of An Advanced Tokamak Plasma without the Use of Ohmic Heating Solenoid in JT-60U", PD/T-2
    • S. Ohtake, "Rokkasho: Japanese Site for ITER", PD/P-06