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  • How to come to QST from Narita Airport
    1. Using Bus (Recommended)

    The schedule of limousine bus "Rose Liner" operated by "Ibaraki Kotsu" and "Chiba Kotsu" and "Hitachi Den-tetsu" is as follows

    Narita Airport JR Mito st.
    (The south exit)
    JR Katsuta st.
    (The west exit)
    Katsuta Office
    JR Tokai st.
    (The east exit)
    Terminal 3 Terminal 2 Terminal 1
    08:0008:0508:10 09:4410:0310:1110:23
    09:2009:2509:30 11:1511:3511:4511:58
    10:2010:2510:30 12:2412:4312:5113:03
    13:5013:5514:00 16:0416:2316:3116:43
    15:2015:2515:30 17:3417:5318:0118:13
    16:4016:4516:50 18:5419:1319:2119:33
    18:2018:2518:30 20:3220:5021:0021:22
    19:5019:5520:00 21:5422:1022:1822:40
    21:1021:1521:20 22:5323:1123:1923:29
    * as of May 21, 2019

    More information about Rose Liner http://www.ibako.co.jp/airport/narita/

    One way fare is 3,100 Yen.(no discount for the return ticket). You must buy a bus ticket at the ground transportation counter beforehand. It is necessary to check the bus stop number (maybe more than 30 bus stops in total), because even toward Ibaraki prefecture, there are several different bus routes. You can deposit one suitcase in the trunk room. They will give you claim tag, which is necessary when you get off the bus. The bus may skip any bus stop, if there is no request to stop. You should get off at JR Tokai station (the find destination). Rose Liner stops at the east entrance of JR Tokai station.

    2. Using Train

    There are two routes to get to Mito, Hitachinaka and Tokai area by train. In the underground level of Narita International Airport there are railroad stations of different railroad company (JR and Keisei) adjoining each other. These services connect Narita airport to Tokyo area. Therefore you must change train at least once in the Tokyo area. The fare of Keisei is slightly cheaper. However, for the first visitor to Japan, I recommend you to take JR because you must use JR between Tokyo station and Mito station. (JR denotes Japan Railroad company.) If you are already familiar with the area around Keisei-Ueno station and JR Ueno station. You change train from Keisei to JR in the Ueno area.

      Buying ticket
      You must buy passenger ticket from Narita Airport station to Tokai station. This ticket allows you to take local train. You must keep this ticket all the way to Tokai. If you use express trains, you must buy express tickets for each train in addition to the passenger ticket. You may be asked to show these tickets any time by JR staff.

    • From Narita Airport Station to Tokyo Station
      You have two choice. One is to use rapid train "Airport Narita". It takes one hour and half to go to Tokyo station. The train service is every one hour during the day time. You can use this train without express ticket.
      The other is to use Narita Express (NEX). It takes one hour to go to Tokyo. The train service is every half hour during the day time. Since all seats are reserved in NEX, you must buy express ticket with seat reservation.
      Both trains stops at the underground level of Tokyo station.
      You can visit the Narita airport site for more information (http://www.narita-airport.jp/en/index.html ).
    • From Tokyo Station to Mito Station
      Use Limited Express HITACHI or TOKIWA of JR from Tokyo station to Mito station through Joban line. The train service is every half hour during the day time. It takes about one hour and twenty minutes (it depends on trains you take) to get to Mito Station. Two kinds of Limited Express tickets for those trains are sold and each includes a reserved seat charge. You can either choose a seat at the time of purchase or buy a ticket without seat assignment. In the latter case, a seat can be assigned at a ticket vending machine or at a ticket counter before you get on a train, or you can ride on a train without seat assignment and take a seat whose overhead LED lamp is red. Red indicates that the seat is not yet reserved, but the lamp may turn green meaning that the seat is now reserved and a person is coming to that seat. In that case, you need to move to other seats with red lamps.

    JR Local Train from Mito to Tokai
    Mito Katsuta Sawa Tokai
    07:25 07:31 07:35 07:39
    07:40 07:46 07:50 07:54
    07:47 08:06 08:10 08:15
    08:18 08:25 08:29 08:34
    08:38 08:46 08:50 08:54
    09:09 09:16 09:20 09:32
    09:36 09:42 09:46 09:50
    * All car does not go to Tokai Station.. Some car is cut off at Katsuta station (You must change car).

    JR Local Train from Tokai to Mito
    Tokai Sawa Katsuta Mito
    16:02 16:06 16:11 16:17
    16:26 16:30 16:34 16:41
    16:59 17:03 17:12 17:21
    17:27 17:31 17:35 17:42
    17:50 17:55 18:00 18:30
    18:15 18:20 18:25 18:32
    18:34 18:38 18:54 19:02
    18:51 18:55 19:01 19:10