Edge fast TV camera measurement (New)

2D image of the plasma emission mostly originated from neutral ionization (656.3nm) in the edge are measured with very fast sampling TV camera + Image-Intensifier system.
Studies of edge and SOL turbulence transport, and ELM propagation to the wall are progressed by fast & fine resolution improved.
Fine-resolution image of the plasma edge will be used for steady-state transport study in edge and SOL.
Plasma turbulence by gas-jet injection (P15 inner & outer wall) will be observed.

Fast TV system is supported by Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science.
TV camera : Photron High-speed Digital Video Camera: FASTCAM-MAX-II(with Image Intensifier)
Image guide and Scope: One of two scopes (viewing angles of 5 and 10 degrees) is coupled on Diaguide-scope (High resolution 30,000fibers-type, 15m length, Mitsubishi Cable Industries).
Time resolution, Sampling period, Signal resolution:
Operation: Start trigger, frame clock, and gate pulse(if required) are preprogrammed in CAMAC clock system, using Network Crate-Controller and PC.
TV camera control and data acquisition are operated with PCI-camera link via optical fibers.
Typ.. resolutions: (1) Max. speed, 8 micro-s/fr for 26s (128 x 16 resolution)

(2) 10 micro-s/fr for 15s (128 x 32 resolution)

(3) 20 micro-s/fr for 7.8s (128 x 64 resolution)

(4) 100 micro-s/fr for 4.9s (512 x 256 resolution)

(5) 500 micro-s/fr for 3s (1024x1024 resolution)

Note) min. gate width is 4 micro-s
Expected spatial resolution: 3 mm (wide view scope: max. 32cm at 250cm),
1.5 mm (narrow view scope: max. 16cm at 250cm)
Position : P-17 section, midplane tangential port (Z=+17cm),
focusing on the plasma edge and SOL at P15 midplane.

Available sampling rate for fast measurement and the plasma configuration will be tested for the fist few month.
Note) Edge measurement is available for small plasma (<65-70m3). Special flange design is required in future.