Neutron Spectrometers

Measurement of the DD neutron spectra to investigate the ion velosity distribution function.

[Detectors, Diagnostics Method]
Pulse hight analysis using Gridded He-3 ionization chamber and NE213 liquid scintillator detector.

薺ime resolution:100 ms
・Energy range: Thermal ~ 3 MeV (Gridded He-3 ionization chamber)
1 ~ 20 MeV (NE213 liquid scintillator detector)
・Energy resolution: 3% at 2.5 MeV (Gridded He-3 ionization chamber)
10% at 2.5 MeV (NE213 liquid scintillator detector)
・Position: Basement under the U2 port of P-10 section.

(1) T. Nishitani, M. Hoek, "Neutron Measurement as Fusion Plasma Diagnostics", JAERI-M 93-228 Vol.2, (1993)1009.