14 MeV Neutron Detectors

Tritons of 1.0 MeV produced in the d(d,p)t reaction slow down and may undergo a DT fusion reaction, emitting 14 MeV neutron(triton burnup). The behavior of 1 MeV tritons is important to predict the properties of D-T produced 3.5 MeV alphas because 1 MeV tritons and 3.5 MeV alphas have similar kinematics properties.
14 MeV neutron emission rate is measured for the triton burnup study aiming prediction of the alpha particle behaviors.

Scintillation fiber detector develped by the Los Alamos National Laboratory


薺ime resolution :10 ms
・Dynamic range:0 ~ 107 counts/s
・Position: 3 channels in front of the horizontal port of P-9 sections
1 channel in front of the horizontal port of P-8 section


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