Magnetic Measurement in JT-60U

Measure magnetic field, magnetic flux, plasma current and halo current for the plasma control and MHD analyses.

Eight types of detectors are installed inside the vacuum vessel.
All types of detectors are measured the change of magnetic field.

TypeNumber of
TC probe 19 Tangential component of poloidal magnetic field (Bw) Plasma control, Equibrium analysis
N probe 19 Normal component of poloidal magnetic field (Br)
Rogowski Coil for plasma current 4 Plasma current
Oneturn Loop 16 Toroidal onturn voltage, Vertical magnetic flux Equilibrium analysis
Diamagnetic Loop 4 sets Diamagnetic flux Poloidal beta, Stored energy
TM probe 51 Tangential component of poloidal magnetic field (Bw) MHD Analysis
Saddle Coil 8 Radial component of poloidal magnetic flux (Fr)
Rogowski coil for halo current 18 Current flowing to/from vacuum vessel from/to plasma Halo current

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