Charge Exchange (perpendicular)

To measure charge-exchange neutral particles which are produced by charge-exchange collision between fast ions and slow neutral patricles and by electron capture collision between fast ions and electrons.

[Diagnostics Method]
A E//B type analyzer with a gas stripping cell is used. It is available to measure simultaneously H & D energy spectra or H & He ones. Particles reionized in the cell are counted with 20 ch micro channel plates detectores after mass-energy separation.

(1) time resolution: 0.2 to 200 ms
(2) energy range: 0.1 to 500 keV / amu
(3) energy resolution: 3 % to 9 %
(4) max / min energy ratio: 20
(5) spatial resolution: about 3 cm diameter
(6) detectors: 20 ch MCP for each detecting particles
(7) installed position: viewing vertically from the bottom side of plasma on P-12 port section
(8) neutron & -ray shield: surrounded by maximum 50 cm thich polyethylene and 25 cm thich lead

[ Reference]
(1) M. Nemoto et al. ' CX measurement of High Energy Ions in D-3He Experiments ', JAERI-M, 93-057, 259(1993).