Soft X-ray intensity profile measurement

To observe collective behavior (density, temperature etc.) of electrons and magnetohydrodynamic activity in a high temperature plasma.

[Detectors, Diagnostic Method]
Soft X-rays emitted as bremsstrahlung by free electrons in a plasma are detected by two (upper and lower) detector arrays. Each detector array consists of thirty-two PIN diodes and a Beryllium (Be) filter with 200 mm thickness.

Bremsstrahlung is a function of electron density, temperature, and impurity contamination and is sensitive to electron temperature in the energy range of the soft X-ray. Evolution of the soft X-ray intensity profile suggests the collective motion of electrons or magnetohydrodynamic activity in a plasma.

Detector : PIN diode (HAMAMATSU S3706-SPL 9402)
Energy range: 2.7 - 20 keV
Number of detectors : Upper Array : 32 Channels
: Lower Array: 32 Channels
Time resolution: 80 ms
(Depend on the data acquisition system)

Spatial resolution

: 3 - 5 cm

K. Nagashima et al., "Soft X-ray Intensity Profile Measurement by PIN Diode Array System", Journal of Plasma and Fusion Research, Vol.59 supplement (1988) and papers sited therein.