To measure radiation power profile of the main plasma core and the divertor plasma.

[Detectors, Diagnostic Method]
-Array of gold plated on a thin polyimid film bolometers [Bolometer I] looking from several diagnostic port to cover the whole poloidal cross section
-Angle between each viewing cords is ~3degree for the upper half (main plasma) -Increased spatial resolution with 1.2degree ~ 0.7degree for the divertor zone
-To enhance the capability of local measurement near the divertor plate and the x-point bolometers using a mica foil for higher temperature[Bolometer II] have been installed inside the new W-shped divertor chamber on May 1997.
-Bridge amplifiers with DC bias voltage[Bolometer I] and AC voltage with 20 kHz carrier frequency[Bolometer II]

-Sensitivity: 1-2 1/watt
( Resitance change per unit power at room temperature)
-Spatial resolution : 5~6 cm in vertical near the plasma center ~3 cm at the divertor region.
-Time resolution: 1 ~ 4 msec.