60-ch Fiber Optics for Divertor

To observe intensity distribution of spectral lines and bands for study of behavior of atoms and ions in the divertor region.

[Detectors, Diagnostic Method]
Light collected by lenses is transmitted by optical fibers from the torus hall to a diagnostic room.

The light from the optical fibers are split into four components that pass four interference filters.

Four 512-ch image-intensified photodiode arrays observe the image of the optical fibers.

薇umber of spectral lines or bands to be observed simultaneously : 4
・Time resolution : 100 ms
・Spatial resolution: 10 mm (60 ch.)
・Wavelength band: ~ 1 nm
・Position : P-8 upper outside port

H. Kubo, et al., "Spectroscopic study of radiative losses in the JT-60U divertor plasma", Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 37 (1995) 1133.