VUV Spectrometer for Divertor Plasma

-Impurity species monitoring for plasma operation.
-Radiation power measurement of light impurities such as carbon, oxygen and boron in the divertor region.
-Study of impurity generation and behavior in the divertor region.

[Detectors, Diagnostic Method]
-Flat-field grazing incidence spectrometer with a holographic grating
-Normal incidence spectrometer.
-Spectral lines are detected by a multi-channel detector composed of a micro channel plate (MCP), a fiber plate and a 1024 ch array sensor.
-The sensitivity of this spectrometer had been calibrated by a standard light source.

-Wavelength range & Wavelength resolution : 2.5 nm - 130 nm (Grazing incidence spectrometer)
/> 400 (at 100nm)
97 nm - 155 nm (Normal incidence spectrometer)
/~1000 (at 150nm)
-Time resolution : 20 ms

[1] H. Kubo et al., Nuclear Fusion 33 (1993) 1427.