High-Resolution Visible Spectrometer for Divertor

To observe line shape for study of behavior of atoms and ions in the divertor region.

[Detectors, Diagnostic Method]
Light collected by lenses is transmitted by optical fibers from the torus hall to a diagnostic room.

The light from the optical fibers passes an interference filter of the preoptics to remove the overlapping orders.

The spectrometer is built in Littrow mounting with an echelle grating.

An image-intensified CCD camera observes the image of the fibers.

-Wavelength resolution : 0.005 nm
-Time resolution : 100 ms
-Spatial resolution : 2-4 cm (16 ch.)
-Wavelength band : 1.1 nm
-Position : P-8 upper outside port

H. Kubo, et al., "High resolution visible spectrometer for divertor study in JT-60U", Fusion Eng. Des., 34-35 (1997) 277.