2003-2004 Operation:

Sampling and control systems were revised for long-pulse operation

I System modifications in 2003:

I-1) Divertor probe operation modes can be selected:
I-2) Fast sampling and Fast V-scan are available compared to old sampling system:
I-3) System works for Normal (15s)- and Long (65s)-pulse operations of JT-60U.

II Performance of Hardware and Software are limited by the following factors:

III Operation of old sampling system (18 channel array, 1kHz sampling/10Hz V-scan) stopped mostly due to digitizer&multiplexer problems.

Arrangement of transient recorders and power amp. for 18 probes.

Data server information and PIDs for DAISY(2003-2004)

Memo (2004/2):
Tentative problem to be solved.
(1) Start trigger did not work every 5-6 shots in NB heating.

(2) Capacity of PS (5A) for Inner divertor was not enough in high power heating and high density plasma.
    -> numbers of PS should be increased.

Data server information and PIDs for DAISY (before 2002)