2005-2006 Operation:

Divertor probes are renewed, WSs and Crate Controller are upgraded, KS4008 recorders are added for First Wall probe measurement.

I Probe replacement in 2005:
Probe tips (CFC) for all outboard divertor(36), 3/5 of inboard divertor(24), and most insulators were replaced.

II System modifications in 2005
II-1) Two KS4008 (16ch) are added in KS4008 system to measure "first wall probes" and "floating potentials".
II-2) Workstations and Crate Controller were replaced to New WSs(Sun Blade 150 &1500) and Network CCs (Toyo Tech. CCnet) to enhance acquisition and analysis speed (about 10 times).

III 8 First Wall probes (at upper inner wall) are routinely measured from 2005:

Probe operation: probe operation mode can be selected:

Arrangement of transient recorders and power amp. for 18 probes.