Fusion Plasma Research

Pre-assembly of the final sector consisting of the VV and VVTS (Nov. 2017)

Precise positioning the TFC using a laser-tracker (Sep. 2017)

12th TFC has been installed (Sep. 2017)

Measuring pre-assembled cryostat body in Spain (Aug. 2017)

Cryostat body pre-assembled in Spain (Aug. 2017)

SNU-CS successfully passed the acceptance tests (Mar. 2017)

Overhauling H-MG (pulling out the stator) (Mar. 2017)

Celebration of TF coil fabrication progress in Europe and assembly start in Japan (12 Jan. 2017)

Sector Model Monument (8 Dec. 2016)

TFC-10 installed to the appropriate position (opposite to the opening) (Dec. 2016)

Erected TFC-10 (Dec. 2016)

Toroidal Coil (14 Nov. 2016)

340° vacuum vessel thermal shield completed (Sep. 2016)

EF coils completed (Aug. 2016)

First and second TF coils delivered to the Naka institute (French contribution) (Aug. 2016)

With the first TF coil at the celebration of the French procurement progress (26 Jul. 2016)

European SCMPSs arrived at the Naka Fusion Institute (Jun. 2016)

Press reporters taking photos of the VV interior (3 Feb. 2016)

VVTSs under assembly (Feb. 2016)

Final VV sector inserted temporarily (Dec. 2015)

Rotary crane installed for the tokamak assembly (Oct. 2015)

Inside of the VV after the constraint jigs were removed (Oct. 2015)

HTS current leads for TF coils completely delivered (Oct. 2015)

340° VV sector integrated by welding (Aug. 2015)

VV with a splice plate before welding (Aug. 2015)

He storage vessels installed and the 550 t crane (May 2015)

Ceremony for the JT-60SA (20 Apr. 2015)

Nine VV sectors (340°) installed on the cryostat base (Jan. 2015)

Seven VV 40° sectors (280°) lined up on the cryostat base (28 Nov. 2014)

QPC components delivered from Genoa, Italy (26 Sep. 2014)

1st and 2nd VV sectors are being joined and 3rd VV is being placed on the cryostat base (21 Aur. 2014)

Two VV sectors installed on the cryostat base (May 2014)

The second VV sector lifting to be installed on the cryostat base (May 2014)

Three lower EF coils (EF4, EF5 and EF6) temporarily installed on the cryostat base (Jan 2014)

The world´s largest class superconducting coil, EF6 entering the assembly hall (Jan 2014)

Celebration of first EU component delivery and start of tokamak assembly (25 Mar. 2013)

Start of tokamak assembly (28 Jan. 2013)