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From upper platform (2019.01.28)
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From center of Torus hall (2019.01.28)
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Inside vacuum vessel (2018.09.21)
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From the upper position along the torus center (2018.05.18)
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Looking up at Vacuum vessel (2018.03.14)
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First toroidal field coil (2016.07.29)
At the last sector (TFC is installed through this sector) (2017.04.06)
Sector Model Monument (2016.12.08)
Rectifier building (1st floor) (2018.07.12)
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Rectifier building (2nd floor) (2018.12.10)
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Gravity support for vacuum vessel (2018.03.14)
Storage area (Coil winding building) (2018.12.07)
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Assembly area (2019.01.28)
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From P11-port section side (2018.09.27)