Fusion Plasma Research
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  • The 8th International Symposium on Fusion Nuclear Technology(ISFNT-8), Heidelberg, Germany, Sep. 2007
    • K. Kurihara, "Plasma Control Systems Relevant to ITER and Fusion Power Plants"
    • M. Matsukawa, "Latest Design Status of JT-60SA Tokamak under the EU-JA Broader Approach Agreement"
    • S. Nishio, "Machine size reduction effect and feasibility outlook for CS free tokamak reactor"
    • Y. Nakamura, "A simulation study on burning profile tailoring of steady state, high bootstrap current tokamaks"
    • S. Sakurai, "Design Study of a First Wall in JT-60SA for Remote Handling Maintenance"
    • H. Kawashima, "Design study of JT-60SA divertor for high heat and particle controllability"