Fusion Plasma Research
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  • 6th International Conference on Open Magnetic Systems for Plasma Confinement (OS 2006), Tsukuba, Japan, July. 2006
    • Y. Takase, "Tokamak and spherical tokamak research in Japan"
    • M. Sataka, "Atomic and molecular data base and data activities for fusion research"
    • T. Takizuka, "Dynamics of one-dimensional SOL-divertor plasmas after an ELM crash in tokamak H-mode plasma"
    • A. Kojima, "Observation of radial particle transport induced by the fluctuation measured with a gold neutral beam probe"
    • K. Fujimoto, "Two-dimensional spectroscopic measurement of hydrogen emission in JT-60U divertor plasmas"
    • M. Yoshida, "Fast measurement of ion temperature in JT-60U by using new fast charge exchange recombination spectroscopy"
    • A. Mase, "Progress in microwave diagnostics and physics issues in magnetically confined plasmas"
    • M. Ichimura, "Wave excitation in magnetically confined plasmas with an anisotropic velocity distribution"