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  • 9th IAEA Technical Meeting on Energetic Particles in Magnetic Confinement Systems, Takayama, Nov. 9-11, 2005
    • M. Ishikawa, "Observation of Confinement Degradation of Energetic Ions by Alfven Eigenemodes in Weak Shear Plasmas on JT-60U"
    • G. Matsunaga, "Alfven Eigenmode Spectroscopy by Application of External Magnetic-Field Perturbations in the Compact Helical System"
    • K. Shinohara, "Orbit following calculation of energetic ions for design of ferritic insertion on JT-60U"
    • T. Kondo, "CO2 laser collective Thomson scattering for alpha-particle diagnostics"
    • K. Tani, "Ripple loss of Alpha Particles in a Low-Aspect-Ratio Tokamak Reactor"